June 3rd the rainstorm of hell

June 3rd it was the worst thunderstorm of all time. The wind calculation was up to about 15 mph , blowing away everything in its path. The cars were sliding , losing control and hitting each other. Me and my brother was watching this storm from inside seeing all the cars , trees , garbage bins getting thrown around by this powerful wind. That night my mom and my sister was out for dinner on this night of the storm.

Later that day, the rain is still coming down heavy but the high winds stopped. It was a mess outside, trash was everywhere. Me and my brother went outside to get the trash out the street and off of the sidewalks. We was soaked trying to pick up all that trash from the storm. The outside air smelled so bad.

"Today this marks history for the worst storm in this city since 1989" https://neocities.org/dashboard#